Discover Bioluminescence.

BriteVibes use sunlight, water, and nutrients to power their ecosystem.

What are BriteVibes?

The dinoflagellates  housed in the BriteVibe ecosphere are single-celled plankton. More specifically these dinoflagellates are a marine species of unicellular non-toxic phytoplankton known as Pyrocystis fusiformis. They have chloroplasts and photosynthesize, just like plants do during the day. At night, these dinos have the ability to bioluminesce in response to mechanical stimulation (movement).

Our Dinoflagellates are a small faction of a larger population of phytoplankton that produce more than half the oxygen on Earth. More than all the grass, trees, forests and rainforests put together. So they help protect our oceans and all the creatures, big and small, both inside and outside of the water – even you.